About Us

The North Haven Republican Town Committee (NHRTC) is a community organization involved in all factors that address the quality of life in North Haven. The qualities that attract people to become North Haven residents, such as sound fiscal policy and an exceptional education system, are in large part due to the contributions made by the various Republican administrations throughout the town's history. For over 200 years, the Republican Party has been the majority party in our town. In those 200+ years, the town has been lead by a non-Republican administration only twice, and those administrations lasted but one term before being returned to a Republican administration.

The mission of the NHRTC is to promote Republican values and ideas by supporting local, state and national candidates who embody these common Republican principles, and are committed to lead by them while in office.

The Republican principles:

  1. -Smaller more efficient government.
  2. -Respect for the rule of law.
  3. -Less taxation on individuals, businesses and investments.
  4. - Removal of burdensome regulations on individuals and business, while supporting the level of limited regulation necessary to ensure fair competition.
  5. - Support of policies that further the preservation of our environment and natural resources.
  6. - Advocacy of individual private property rights.
  7. - Holding public schools accountable to ensure public funds are spent wisely, and effectively measure and evaluate educational progress.
  8. - Freedom of parents to send their children to high performance schools.
  9. - Educate and inform the general public about America's national heritage and citizenship responsibilities.

The NHRTC also helps recruit, recommend and support registered Republicans who volunteer their time to serve on boards and commissions that help in the governing of our town. Other NHRTC responsibilities include:

  1. - Support local Republican candidates for elected offices such as letter writing, hands-on campaigning, and neighborhood walk-along participation.
  2. - Organizing local fundraisers in support of all NHRTC activities.
  3. - Conducting annual Caucuses and Nominating Conventions.
  4. - Coordinating activities with the Republican Town Committees of surrounding towns and the State Republican Central Committee.
  5. - Encouraging voter turnout by staffing call centers to "Get Out The Vote" during campaign periods prior to Election Day.

The NHRTC consists of 35 registered Republican voters. In even-numbered years, the NHRTC is involved with the campaigns of Republican candidates seeking national offices, statewide offices and legislative positions. In odd-numbered years, the NHRTC focuses its efforts on electing Republican candidates for town-wide positions.

The North Haven Republican Town Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm at the North Haven Republican Town Committee office, 600 Washington Avenue, Unit C4, North Haven, CT 06473. All North Haven eligible voters, regardless of political affiliation, are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.